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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A "U Fly Extreme" update

So about now (Thursday 21 Oct) the container with the "Next Pitts" is likely approaching Asia on board the NYK TERRA. Bit of an uninspiring name for a ship! Probably had the name chosen by some dull paperpusher accountant type who was having another in a long line of bad days!!!

So, once the container has had a look around Singapore's port area for a couple of day,, its back on board, and off to Lyttleton, with an ETA of the 17th Nov. Of course, at that stage, the aforementioned dull accountant type, again gets involved (although not with any "naming rights") and we have a ton of paperwork to get through to have the Pitts transported to Nelson, decontainered, debugged, deseeded, reassembled, tested, recertified, renamed (yep.. we have a name :) and rehoused! The end of that process could well see us popping open a bottle of bubbly. Invites will be sent. !!!

I am aware that one of the photos is a duplicate!!!! but haven't figured out how to remove it!!! the other is of the rear cockpit with the handycam installed. nice job too :)

For some light relief ( we need some about now!!) check out this Cold Play video.. its really good! well at least it made us grin :)

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